Dobro Pozhalovat (welcome)!

Once we went to England in the summer and we kept a blog ( for those who could not come with us.

We came home to Siberia and thought, "Why not start a blog about our life here?"

We will not be posting everyday, but hope to give you some glimpses into our lives!

воскресенье, 12 августа 2012 г.


A "dacha" is a summer cabin usually somewhere outside the city. 
The dacha is where the older generation especially spend their summer holidays and weekends.
It gives relief from the tight confines of flats in the concrete jungles of Russian towns. 

Dachas come in all shapes and sizes, they are mostly self-built.

I love the variety, I love the little inovations, and I love the artistic touches

Dachas are fairly primitave with no running water and a toilet dug at the end of the garden, 
however most do have electricity.

This is a "banya" (that is what the sign says), a Russian steam bath.

A dacha is mainly for growing fruit and vegetables, potatoes are especially important,
it's how the Russians survive during economic crisis.

All the pictures except the one below come from our neighbours' dachas,
which all seem prettier and more productive than ours!

I will show you some more of our dacha in later post.

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