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Once we went to England in the summer and we kept a blog ( for those who could not come with us.

We came home to Siberia and thought, "Why not start a blog about our life here?"

We will not be posting everyday, but hope to give you some glimpses into our lives!

среда, 26 сентября 2012 г.

Book Club for three year olds.

Once Luda had the idea to get some friends together with their kids to discuss a favorite book the kids had read. This has now become a regular event - a book club for kids.

This time they discussed a book by the author Vladimir Suteyev. He was an animator who became a children's author, illustrating his own stories. He was also ambidextrous and could even write and draw at the same time!

One of his most
famous books was "magic wand" lit. stick. About a hedgehog.

All of the kids read the book ahead of time, and they usually bring something they have made from the book with them.

There are games and competitions all based on the book.

There is a time for crafts too

If a family prepares something for the book club, they don't pay for the meeting.

At the end there is always a snack

often even the snack can be made to fit the theme, Like these hedgehog eclairs.

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