Dobro Pozhalovat (welcome)!

Once we went to England in the summer and we kept a blog ( for those who could not come with us.

We came home to Siberia and thought, "Why not start a blog about our life here?"

We will not be posting everyday, but hope to give you some glimpses into our lives!

воскресенье, 23 сентября 2012 г.

Something Russian - Mushrooms!

Most Russians love Mushrooms.
Not the sanitised ones you buy at the supermarket, but wild ones!

Some love the hunt, finding hidden treasure in the woods.

Others just love the taste, and are prepared to buy them by the bucketload (literally) from sellers at the market, or at the side of the road.

Knowledge of the different types is passed down the generations. 
Some need to be boiled first, some you can just fry in butter with a little garlic, and some potatoes.
You can also marinate them and keep them to eat on a cold winter evening.


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